我灵机一动,直奔一个目标人群聚集的街-果然,命中率几乎100%。Easy, I thought. It’s all about finding the right target.


我终于了解到了survey是多么他妈的难做。在一个陌生人几乎不怎么打招呼的社会里,starting a conversation with a stranger 就像是用手来拨菠萝皮一样-it’s just not meant to be done that way. 找人做survey都怎么难,可想而知推销产品有多难了。在学校bubble中的我们总是把事情想的很容易。还记得,我一开始觉得survey这种东西肯定很容易-you just need persistence. And I can be persistent. Well… turns out it’s a lot harder than it looks.

在东单的一个十字路口的栏杆上依着,我的腿部和脚底都在以疼痛向我抗议。And then it hit me. I have only been walking for about a week (including the days when I spent finding an apartment and moving), and already my legs are getting killed by the vastness of Beijing. 但是和那些站着一天的工作比起来,我的工作简直是天堂。而仔细想想,在这个世界上,站一天的工作要远远多过不站一天的:店员,服务员,工厂工人,工地工人,保安,保姆,阿姨 - basically, probably the majority of what’s deemed to be a “job” in this world requires more standing time than sitting time.

There is a difference between this and the feeling you get when witnessing extreme poverty. Extreme poverty tells you that the gap between rich and poor is that between heaven and hell; but this tells you what it means when the world tells you that you are the top 0.001% of the population in terms of income - it means the small difference between how much time you get to sit vs. standing. Or it tells you how weak you are compare to those who can take it.

一个普通的店员,在站了一天后,做地铁,走,买菜,走,回家,做饭,洗碗,洗衣。。。 她还有时间做别的吗?

一天下来累的想死,发觉原来社会的阶层是可以由时间的多少来决定的。The wealth people don’t stand or walk as much, and thus have more energy to focus on other things. They do not have to cook everyday, or do their own laundry, so thus have more time to do what can create more opportunities for them - client dinners, networking events, making phone calls, building contacts. The difference between rich and poor, in this sense, is not really about not having the right access - it’s more like the lack of time and the energy that can be used during that time to gain those accesses.

我这也算是体验了基层工作吧,只是没想到会是在贝恩 lol.